Baby Bump Update

Well the pregnancy is going along well, had my ultrasound and all was normal, which is what every soon to be parent wants to hear.  We found out the sex of the baby but are keeping it to ourselves.  Sometimes it’s just handy to know for getting things organised.  The hard part is going into a baby shop and not getting spotted by someone you know whilst buying the appropriate coloured grow suits!
The top photo was taken this week at 23 weeks, I have felt REALLY tired, none of that second trimester burst of energy, and although I haven’t been getting up to use the toilet in the night my hips are causing me problems, which makes me feel old!!
My husband and I have been trying to think up names but haven’t come to any certain decision, it’s really hard this time around, I just can’t seem to settle on anything.
I’ve already had people say “Haven’t you had it yet” while 5 seconds later, “Gosh your little!”  So all that can be rather annoying, I still have 17 weeks of that to endure!!
16 Weeks, 5 days

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  1. Kunklebaby July 30, 2010 at 2:54 PM

    >Congrats on the new upcoming addition!! 😀

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