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Flashback Friday – CDB Create Dream Believe

This week I am flashing back to 1996 (I think, my memory is failing me in my old age).  This week I was watching tv and saw an ad for Australia’s Got Talent, which featured a snippet of Andrew De Silva singing.  You might be wondering, who is Andrew De Silva?  Well he was in a group called CDB back in the 90’s and they were cool.  Aussie R&B with a little bit of rapping thrown in.

It’s a rocket love I never want to come down, cos you make my head spin round and round….

They really were cool. I promise.  So when I sat down to watch Australia’s Got Talent  sorry bit of a lie.  I sat down to watch The Voice, seriously if you aren’t watching it you should be.  Instead I recorded Australia’s Got Talent and watched later, I was mesmerized once again by his beautiful voice.


CDB promoting their latest album, which I didn’t yet own, it was on lay-by so I got the boys to sign my tweety bird notepad. (HOW EMBARRASSING)

There’s Andrew, bottom left.

As I recall I couldn’t get Andrew’s autograph as he left early, unwell. I am guessing this is the time he was diagnosed with cancer and not long after was replaced with another guy.

This is me with Gary Pinto,  I have often seen him singing back up on Australian Idol (before that ended) and every time I would cheer for Gary.  These guys should not be back up singers, I wish they had been supported more and continued to create more music.

My first brush with fame.

And in case you missed it, like me cos you were too busy watching The Voice, here is Andrew.

Flashback Friday – Play School Concert and Museum Tour 2005

I thought I had lost these photos a while back and went on a mad search of my discs over and over till I finally found them.  They are not much in quality but I remember the day fondly.

My big boy was 2 years old, our first Playschool Concert, and Benita Collings was the presenter!!  I think I was just as excited as my boy to see it.  My dad used to tease me about Benita or Egg Beater as he called her.

Play School Concert Set

Benita and David

Play School Concert

Benita and ?

Philip Quast


Benita Collings

Around the same time, there was also a Play School display that toured the museum, I went with my boy as part of a playgroup activity and unfortunately we barely had time to look at the exhibition, so sorry about the bad photos, my digital camera was not very good back then.

Tea Pot

John Hamblin, how I would like to meet you one day.  I hear you live in Tasmania now?

John and Humpty


Rocket Clock Front

Rocket Clock

Big Ted



And that concludes our Flashback …..

Flower Calendar

Flashback Friday

Aussie Flashback Friday – In the trolley, join in!

I haven’t flashbacked for a while, and I thought perhaps I should try and continue doing so, and even start my own Aussie Flashback Friday link up here.

So if you want to join in, grab and old photo, write a few words and flashback along with me.

me in trolley


Taken on our front porch, back when we lived down the river near Paper Beach, I wonder what kind of a different life I would have had if we had stayed there.