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iphone Photography an e-book from DPS

If you are into photography you may frequent the site Digital Photography School often like I do.   DPS have just release an iphone photography e-book.  My iphone has certainly become my quick go to camera for a quick point and shoot (especially since my daughter dropped and broke my point and shoot)

A lot of people including me had been shooting the photo a day challenge on their iphones and sharing via instagram…unfortunately I lost my mojo and haven’t done photo a day this month.

The e-book is written by one of the world’s leading mobile photographers – Misho Baranovic. Mishco feature recently on ABC’s show Photo Finish, where they did an episode on mobile street photography.

A few of my favourite iphone photos.
Untitled Untitled
15. YellowUntitled


This e-book is full of tips,  step by step guides, apps to use and simple exercises to follow and get you in that creative mood (I need some help there!)  So if you love iphone photography and want to learn more, then this e-book is definitely worth a look.

For 2 weeks only this iphone photography e-book is available for $14.99 which is 25% off – normally $19.99, who doesn’t love a bargain!


Photo a day June

Well as you all know June has come to an end, and we are halfway through the year, past the shortest day and counting down the days till it starts getting warmer. Well I am anyway.

Here is my June collection of photos.

June Photo A Day

I also had some instagram stickers made up from Instagoodies, they were very kind to send me a booklet so I could tell you about them. Instagoodies have teamed up with for $14 (not including shipping) you can have a booklet of 90 stickers.


How cute are these!

They look great and come on tear out sheets for easy sharing.  Now, where will I stick them? 🙂