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My new venture – Your Inspiration at Home

Hi all,

I’ve been busy this winter, busy being sick, busy shooting a wedding, and busy editing, but I’ve also been busy with a new venture.  My friend recently joined Your Inspiration at Home and I offered to hold a tasting demo wondering what it was all about.  She brought over her spices and olive oils and together we created some tasty food.  I loved it so much that I signed up the same day!  Anything to help me turn from Disaster Chef into something else (I will never be a master!)

My kit arrived!  All these products are hand blended and packaged in QLD, they use only natural ingredients, nothing nasty added.  The products also don’t have any added gluten.





The demonstrations are so much fun, all we did was eat!!





So if anyone is interested in trying or buying these fabulous products, you can visit my Facebook page

or you can visit my website, which has the catalogue for viewing and a shopping cart for ordering.  Of course there are benefits for holding a demo, the Host gets extra special discounts and can earn free products.

*This was not a sponsored post, sharing for the love 🙂

Wedding, Engagement and Family Albums to last a lifetime

I finally put in my order for the albums I want to sell with my photography sessions, and today it arrived!! I was so excited when the big parcel was brought to the door!!

I opened it like it was my birthday!

It is so lovely. The deluxe presentation box is very sturdy, and filled with soft fabric to protect your album. It has a space for your disc, and the book is just lovely. I can’t wait to show my future clients!

What is is a place to buy and sell, unique instagram art on canvas.

You can find some amazing art to purchase as well as create a gallery of your own.

I received a 12×12 copy of my coffee image, and I must say I am impressed.  The colour is vibrant, and the canvas is lovely and shiny.  I have hung it over near my Nespresso machine and now I want a coffee every time I look up.

The 12×12 fit perfectly in the space, and is a nice size, the 20×20 would look great but would be too big for my kitchen wall.

You can choose what colour for the edges of the canvas, black or white and you have a choice of 12×12, 16×16 or 20×20 in sizes.


The canvas was very well packaged, and arrived quickly.  At the moment postage is $48.95 to Australia so rather expensive, but the team at are working on getting printers set up closer to home to make it cheaper for us.

Because the site is very new, I look forward to seeing it develop further.

When selling your art you get 20% of the sale price, and once your sales amount reaches $100 you will receive the payment via paypal.

Come and check out my gallery at

Disclaimer:  I was not paid for this post but I was sent a canvas  for editorial review.  All reviews are truthful and of my own opinion.