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On Friday the sun was out for a change, so I decided to walk to pick up the kids from school, they hate it when I walk!! So when I said we were walking home they groaned but I said we could stop at the park on the way home and they were happy again!

I wasn’t sure how little boy would like the swing but we gave him a go anyway….I was a little nervous about him falling out.








Sun in eyes


He liked it!

Loving the swing

Book Week – Love it or Loathe it?

Book Week is upon us again, three weeks away on the 24th of August is our parade.  The pressure is on to come up with something unique, something we haven’t already done, year after year till Primary School ends.

Last year I was about to give birth (overdue in fact) and I ordered an outfit for my boy two days prior to the parade, and my daughter used a costume she already had.


I HATE spending money on things like this, I need it for regular clothes! So this year we are trying our best to not buy costumes but to find things cheaply.

So today I went scouring op shops to see what I could find.

The boy has decided he wants to be Wally from Where’s Wally.  You would think it would be easy to find a red and white striped top but not so easy, not even to find new ones.  My daughter wants to be Pippi Longstocking….shouldn’t be too hard, some long stockings, baggy patched clothing.

I couldn’t find a red and white striped top that was the right size stripes or size top for my little man so I bought a red top ($3) which we will paint stripes on, oh and some clothes for me 😉

Ebay has Wally hats for $1, and the same for glasses.

I bought two tops (ladies sizes) which I can layer for my daughter as a dress and the boots all for under $10

I looked on ebay and found some cute striped knee high socks for $4.50

The kids are excited about it and so am I, it will be fun to see how they turn out.  What are your plans for book week this year? Do you love or hate it?

Blast from the past

The other week I was having a bit of a clean out (if you follow me on Twitter you would have seen me congratulating myself on clearing out a whole shelf in a cupboard) and I came across some old story cassette tapes. Being the hoarder that I am (not as bad as that show hoarders though) I still also had the books.

What I didn’t have was a cassette deck.  Fortunately a family member had one they could lend me.
Cassette Deck
The collection of books and tapes


First I had to teach my daughter how to use it…

Press Eject and insert tape

Close the door
Close the door

Press Play
Press Play

You know it’s time to turn the page when you hear a sound like this…


Thumbelina doesn’t wear much


Books and Tapes


The funny thing was, as soon as those songs started up I remembered it all. I haven’t heard them for about 20 years, yet i knew every, single, word. I wonder what other repressed memories I have hidden in there.