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Winter Blues

What a winter it has been. I suppose I go into each year with high hopes for the year that it will be a good year, better than the last, and then life will play a trick on you and throw something at you that you thought would never happen.

This year has been one of those years, and I’m rather over winter and rain. During Northern Tasmania’s floods of August my mother’s house was completely flooded, she lost almost everything. So the last few weeks have been busy, doing what we can to help my Mum out, and its been an ongoing process, but for now things are somewhat returning to normal.

During the last couple of months I’ve taken a few personal photos. Of course my youngest is often the subject of my images lately.

At the Daveys

At the Daveys

little boy

little boy

little boy

little boy

We had book week this year, my daughter being Wanda from the Where’s Wally books, and my son as A Hobbit from The Lord of The Rings.

Book Week 2013 Wanda from "Where's Wally"

Book Week 2013 Hobbit

It was too cold to be a barefoot Hobbit. All clothing sourced from the op shop (thrift) or their own drawers.

My little guy also had a birthday.

Teddy Cake
Cake by ZeppieDoesCakes

And got a GIANT trampoline for his birthday. (I didn’t realise it was going to be so huge but it’s awesome)

Boys jumping

Trampoline basketball

My love my dinosaur Mummy


So here’s hoping Spring is wonderful!

Birthday Girl Photoshoot

I am a bit late posting this as my laptop was out of action for a week.  My little boy thought he would tip water over the keyboard (while hubby was minding the kids I might add)  and I thought it was dead, and had gone looking at replacement computers, but the IT guy at my husbands work was able to bring it back to life.

I was a bit worried because although I am pretty good at backing up things, I hadn’t backed up my documents for a while and had been working on price lists and things and thought I had lost them all.

The weekend of my daughters birthday we took her pink birthday balloons down by the river for a very quick 15 min photoshoot (because she then decided to need to go to the toilet) but it was freezing anyway so that was ok!
Birthday Balloons
Miss 7

Miss 7

Miss 7

Miss 7

Miss 7

Miss 7

Miss 7

Miss 7

Miss 7

Miss 7

High Tea 7th Birthday Party

On the weekend my daughter had her 7th birthday party. We had been planning a High Tea theme. The guests were asked to dress in their finest to attend the celebration.

I had been scouring op shops (thrift shops for the USA folk) for pretty tea cups and decorative plates.

We made our own party bags from scrap book paper (I made them and my daughter decorated)

Party Bags

Paper bunting made also using scrapbook paper from k-mart – $3 a packet!


We (I) also made the party hats from scrapbook paper I already had and we attached crepe paper to the tops.

I saw a similar idea on the internet of the marshmallows covered in sprinkles, and being winter and not having any flowers in the garden I thought I would put them on kebab sticks and they would work as “flowers”.


Tea cup and tea pot biscuits from Zeppiedoescakes



And the cake which has nothing to do with the theme at all, saw this on pinterest and my daughter thought it looked delicious (me too!)

Kit Kat M&M Cake

High Tea



In between eating the food, we played some good ole party games like the Great Chocolate Race, Musical Chairs, At The Zoo and Musical Statues (all to One Direction)

Tea Party

Drinking pink milk in her new tea cup.


Birthday girl with some new jewellery on.

Birthday Girl

Happy birthday to you!