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Wordless Wednesday – Holiday Hiatus

Misleading title…I wrote some words 😉

Well the end of the year is drawing closer, and we get ready to finish school (one day left) and take a summer holiday.  This will be my last post for the year, as I need to take a break, step back, and take some time for my family and myself.

Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog this year,  I really appreciate it. I look forward to taking some more photos and having something new to post in the new year.  So I will leave you with some photos from our family get together last Saturday.  Have a safe and happy holiday.




In the Pink

J and Dad

Hi Mum



Look Up

Long Weekend – Part 4 Botanical Gardens The End

On Sunday morning we woke to hot, hot air, the temperature that day was 29, that is hot for Tassie and the hottest we have experience since it became spring.

We slowly got organised and headed to the Royal Botanical Gardens for a look. I think I visited the gardens as a child but I don’t remember.


The first thing the kids spotted



Steam Gallopers








Sitting under the arch

Love this tree




On the way back to the cottage we stopped by the bridge.

Tasman Bridge

Monday morning we visited family and then headed back home to our real life. Can’t wait for our next mini break.

Long Weekend Part 3 – Food, Food and more Food

I don’t know about you but when we go away, I seem to spend all weekend thinking about where we will eat next, I packed lunch the first day, and we took breakfast and snacks with us, but lunch and dinner is where all our spending money went.

Saturday morning we completely forgot about the Salamanca Market and we headed into Hobart City for a look. The parking is HEAPS cheaper than Launceston (are you listening Launceston City Council?) and easy to find. We strolled around, looking at shops, through the arcades.

Cat and Fiddle arcade

Cat and Fiddle arcade. On the hour it moves and plays a tune, but every time the hour came around we were in Kev’s favourite  shop (JB HiFi) and missed it. I also made sure I visited MY favourite store, the Morning Glory stationary shop, where the kids got to pick themselves a little present.


Loving subway

When we finally escaped from JB HiFi (we don’t have one near home) we were getting on the peckish side, we stopped at Subway for lunch, which thankfully the kids liked, and then we headed to North Hobart.

I had heard about a delicious cake shop via instagram, that I just had to check out.

Sweet Envy
Sweet Envy


It was a hot day and the store was busy, so we scooted in and out as quickly as possible, but I got what I came for,


Now I had never tasted a macaroon before but I just love the look of them, I am not a big fan of anything almond tasting but the flavour in the middle of the macaroons balanced the almond taste and I really enjoyed them.

The kids didn’t want cake, they wanted ice cream, so off to Cold Rock Icecreamery

Cold Rock Icecream


By this time, the little man was burning up with a temperature, teething a big molar and we needed to just get him to bed, so I went to find some panadol and back to the cottage we went.

I spent some time in the yard with little miss and her new toy that she picked from town.

Pink Bunny

Gorgeous Girl

Look out some Angry Birds are flying my way.

Angry Birds



Relax time


To Be Continued….