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My baby finally arrived!! Friday 27th August 2010, our little boy H.R.H was born. I had an appointment the previous day with the Dr at the hospital to discuss what would be done as I was 9 days overdue – and totally over it!!

After an exam, and stripping of membranes the Dr booked me in to be induced the following morning at 7am. I finally knew when my baby was coming!

I went home and had a good sleep and arranged for my Mum to come early the next morning to look after the kids.

We got to the hospital where I was monitored for some time, there was a bit of a worry at first as baby’s heart rate kept dropping as I was having mild contractions. The monitor stayed on pretty much the whole time.

The Dr came in at 9am and broke my waters, I was already 4cm dialated and then it was all go. Less than 2 hours of fast labour and my baby was born at 10.53am, no drugs – there wasn’t time to ask!! Unfortunately just like baby didn’t want to come out, neither did the placenta, so after an hour of waiting, and being prodded and pulled, I got sent up to theatre to have it removed which meant they had to anethatise me. I have never been under anesthetic before so it was all a bit scary, and I missed holding my new baby for those first couple of hours, although dad did a great job while I was gone.



When I got back to the ward, I was hooked up to drips for a day and a half so I felt rather helpless, and the lady in the bed next to me snored like a pig – so loud you wouldn’t believe!! I was glad to go home on Monday.

First Bath

Dreamy smile

39 Weeks

39 Weeks, originally uploaded by astrogirl529.

Just realised I have been rather slack in my blogging again. This is me last week. I am now 40 weeks and still waiting for this baby!!

I had a bit of an interesting ride in an ambulance to the hospital this week, I don’t want to go into to much detail but, thankfully it wasn’t what I thought and I was sent home after a quick check up.

My next check up is tomorrow, I have not been anywhere this week, just wanting to hang around home, trying to do housework when you can’t bend in the middle is quite hard though.

Hopefully I don’t have to wait too much longer, the not knowing is doing my head in! Hurry up baby we want to meet you!

31 Weeks….the countdown

31 Weeks, originally uploaded by astrogirl529.
Thought it was about time to do another bump update. Didn’t realise it had been so long since the last, boy time flies. 

Well I’m 31 weeks this week, only 9 to go. Even though everyone keeps telling me what a “neat little bump I have” and “you don’t even look pregnant from behind” to me it feels huge!

Because I’m such a short/small person it only has out to go…
The Bump
Baby is moving around a lot, especially when I am about to go to bed, and sometimes it’s kicks really hurt! Indigestion is bad and apparently so is my snoring – ha suffer!

This past weekend we got the cot and change table set up in my daughters room, (she’s now sharing with her big brother) and we fit the car seat in the car just to see if it would fit (thank goodness it did) and I think we will just leave it there now.

My family have been great and I ended up with two prams basically within a day of each other, so now I have choice,a three or a four wheeler.

I’m getting excited now that it’s down to single figure weeks, I know it will go fast.