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Click! How to take Gorgeous Photos of Kids – An e-book you need to read

I first discovered Rachel’s photography on Flickr. I was instantly inspired by her photography of her family, I watched with intrigue her journey from one child to three, her daily life captured so beautifully.
photo jojo

who am i kidding?  i am no newborn photographer and well, these are my here you have it, the announcement photo.
Her eldest daughter a similar age to my son also kept me watching, and reading, then I discovered her blog, and read with even more details about her life and business as a commercial kid photographer.
clean and tired

As soon as I heard Rachel was releasing a book (two books actually) I was excited. Who wouldn’t want to learn some tips from a pro? And even though I have learnt a fair bit about photographing children with my own three, there is always new tips and techniques to learn.

So as soon as the link was posted for the release of Rachel’s e-book Click! How to Take Gorgeous Photos of Kids- I ordered a copy, and instantly began to read.

gemma's class bear came home, but gemma was busy so he ate with the twins
It is beautifully presented, full of images, tips, and project ideas to inspire and push your photography further. I am really looking forward to trying some of the  project ideas.

It is not just for people who know what they are doing with a camera but helps you learn how to use the settings to your advantage.

It is broken up into 7 different chapters.

  • Think – a challenge to rethink how you approach photographing kids
  • Prepare – some of the practical things to consider before you start shooting including gear, settings, exposure, styling, light, composition, color and more
  • Smile – tips and tricks on working with kids
  • Refine – post-production, editing, printing and sharing your images
  • Research – seeking new inspiration and styles (includes project ideas to try)
  • Push – 7 photo setups you can try to help you push your own boundaries
  • Look – case studies, interviews and photos with 5 amazing kids photographers

they did this, if just for a moment.
So I would encourage anyone who wants to take better photos of their children to go get a copy, It is available at a spceial price of $19.99 – normally $29.99
(until 19 October)
DPS is also giving away a camera to one person that buys the e-book!! (worth over $1000 a Canon T3i and

Rachel also runs a blog with her friend Peta Mazey called Beyond Snapshots where they run classes and mentoring in photography.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid for this post, this is my true and honest opinion.


Product Photography – And a yummy giveaway

This week I had the opportunity to taste test the new Chia loaf from Bakers Delight, and to also practice some product photography.

I am no pro at product photography that is for sure but I was willing to give it a go, I like to push new aspects of photography and see what I can come up with given a chance.

Bakers Delight Chia Bread

The Chia loaf is a new range that Bakers Delight make, it is full of Chia seeds which are a source of Omega-3 ALA, dietary fibre and protein. Now I don’t mind eating bread with seeds in it apart from the fact they get stuck in my teeth, but my husband hates it, he says “We are not birds so why do we need to eat seeds?”

Bakers Delight Chia Bread

But this loaf is different, the Chia seeds are tiny, so they don’t get stuck in your teeth! The crust also has a nice crunch to it. I made the kids some sandwiches and asked what they thought of the bread, yummy and crunchy! My daughter then asked for two pieces of bread to eat after school, nothing on them and one was the crust, unheard of!

Bakers Delight Chia Bread

My husband even tried it and said it was good!

Bakers Delight Chia Bread

Bakers Delight Chia Bread

The only thing downside is the size of the bread is smaller than what I usually buy at the supermarket, but I think the benefit of the ingredients and taste far outweigh the processed white bread we eat.

Bakers Delight Chia Bread

Bakers Delight have given me three $5 vouchers to giveaway, so you can try this or another loaf from the Bakers Delight range. Along with the voucher there is also a Chia singlet and a packet of seeds for you to try with your own cooking.


Bakers Delight Chia Bread


Just leave a comment below and three winners will be randomly drawn on the 28th September. Open to Australian Residents Only.

So how do you think I went with the photos, are you hungry now?

Bakers Delight Chia Bread

I did the unthinkable

I lost some photos.

Yes you heard me, after my big blog post on backing up photos, I accidentally deleted some.  I don’t know how exactly I forgot that I had taken them just that morning (I blame it on baby brain, how long can I use that one for?)

I hate to loose any images but especially ones of my children, ones I had taken when we were eating some pink cupcakes and talking about Ava.

So I googled, and I downloaded trials and free CF card recovery software, I also had a rescue pro disc that came with one of my CF cards, but it was bringing up NOTHING. I don’t know if it is because I just bought an el cheapo card reader off ebay for $5 or what.

Finally, one of the programs I downloaded brought up some images but would not save them.  I was about to give up as I thought I would try one more.

Handy Recovery 5.0 last chance effort.  It scanned quickly, compared to the others that didn’t seem like anything was happening, I was skeptical, It found images, I was hopeful, I clicked recover and it saved an image!!!!!!

As it is a trial version it only allows you to save one image per day, so I tried again the next day and it still worked! Success, I thought I had lost them forever! I am so so grateful that I was able to recover the images.

You can license Handy Recovery for $49 US, so you can restore as many photos as you  like, as often as you like.  I just couldn’t give up on them, so thank you Handy Recovery I will be recommending this program to anyone that needs it.

Disclaimer. The people at Handy Recovery were kind enough to license my copy  in return for this review.

Here is one of the photos that almost didn’t recover.