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Birthday Girl Photoshoot

I am a bit late posting this as my laptop was out of action for a week.  My little boy thought he would tip water over the keyboard (while hubby was minding the kids I might add)  and I thought it was dead, and had gone looking at replacement computers, but the IT guy at my husbands work was able to bring it back to life.

I was a bit worried because although I am pretty good at backing up things, I hadn’t backed up my documents for a while and had been working on price lists and things and thought I had lost them all.

The weekend of my daughters birthday we took her pink birthday balloons down by the river for a very quick 15 min photoshoot (because she then decided to need to go to the toilet) but it was freezing anyway so that was ok!
Birthday Balloons
Miss 7

Miss 7

Miss 7

Miss 7

Miss 7

Miss 7

Miss 7

Miss 7

Miss 7

Miss 7

Winter Holidays

Sorry about the lack of blog posts but the school holidays are here, we are at the end of week one, and I have barely had time to check the emails let alone blog about anything.

We haven’t been particularly busy doing anything, but having three kids at home is busy enough, and the hubby has taken a few days off leave too so that just ads another person to take over the computer 😉


I am really excited to have two upcoming weddings booked for November, I had put my photography on hold to have my last child, but I am itching to jump in and start really building the portfolio so I can turn my hobby into a business.

So in preperation I am exploring if I need to buy/hire a new lens, my friend kindly offered to lend me his wide angle Tokina 11-16mm to see if it would be of any benefit to me.

I headed out to practice last Saturday in our little village at Evandale.















You can fit so much in the view finder! I was amazed when I tried it at home, I could fit my whole lounge room in!

It would certainly be a benefit to have a wider angle lens in my collection.

Here are a few more from the day, these shot with different lenses that are better for portraits.










Point + Shoot Hollybank Forest

I needed to get out of the house, for the last month we haven’t ventured far with the bad weather, and illness, and I was feeling like a rat in a cage, so we went to Hollybank Forest, which is a beautiful place in Autumn.

Hollybank Blog.jpg

I spent some time trying to teach my husband to use the camera on manual.

hollybank blog 2.jpg

The kids played hide and seek.

hollybank blog 3.jpg

And it ended with a leech or two. It was a lovely day, I need to get out more!

How was your weekend?

point + shoot