Day Trip – Bluff Devonport Family Photography Tasmania

Last weekend was the start of our two week term break, the last before the summer holidays and it has certainly been needed, with the winter blues and sickness hitting us all it was wonderful to take a day trip to Devonport to the Bluff.  The Bluff has always had a great playground, I remember it affectionately as a child when my family would travel to visit my Nan we would often get to go to the playground there.  Obviously it was a lot different back then, but this new playground is fantastic.

bluff 4.jpg

There is a great fenced off area for toddlers, and heaps of spinning things to make you sick and dizzy.
collage bluff.jpg

The facilities have also been given a dramatic make over. It would be fabulous for a wedding here.

bluff 3.jpg
bluff 2.jpg

And of course the beach is just there next to the park!  I look forward to visiting more often.

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