Flashback Friday – Dancing Queen

This is me circa 1995 perhaps.  It was at my best friends birthday party, the next morning after a dress up sleepover…I dressed up as sporty spice, but I couldn’t find that picture…maybe one day!  I used to wear a fair bit of jewelry, I can see a few rings on my fingers and the necklace there is a japanese coin, these days I don’t even remember to change my ear rings.

Check out that tiny little waist! I have always been a small person, and I still am short but don’t we all look back on our teenage self and think I wish I was that size again!

Either way I look happy, although on the inside I most likely wasn’t, home life wasn’t easy at the time so a sleepover would have been a fun weekend.

Bustin A Move.



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    1. Nicole Hastings September 21, 2011 at 5:35 PM

      Thank you!


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