I like your old stuff better than your new stuff

We went to visit my Mum on the weekend.  I love when she pulls out the old toys that were mine and my brothers for my children to play with!

I think? this may be a Little People toy plane, as you can see a lot smaller than today’s equivalent.

Playing with some very old toys

Little People (What they used to look like)

We used to have the bus too but not sure if that one survived. Also in the photo is my brothers mobile that plays it’s a small world. That still works too.

I didn’t take a photo of it but my mum also has an Optimus Prime from the 80’s. It is amazing to me these toys have lasted so long. Recently my son bought a Hasbro Transformer and was so disappointed in it when the weapon didn’t work properly. Cheap plastic, even the Transformers of the 80’s were die cast. We need more toys like that.

My daughter got $20 birthday money and we went to K-Mart to pick out a toy, so much rubbish I had trouble convincing her to get something decent. She chose well and came home with Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Hopefully it lasts a long time, we played a round tonight, and it was great fun.

What were your favourite toys as a child?


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