School Holiday Fun

Down by the river, originally uploaded by astrogirl529.
Well it’s week two of the kids school holidays, and I never seem to have much money for expensive activities, so we do free ones. My best friend Rachel came over and we went for a drive to take some photos. 

We ended up down by the river in Perth meeting hungry ducks, that we could not feed, they were very tame and walked right up to us. The kids thought it was hilarious. My boy did his best to pat a duck but I think he missed.

There were some interesting finds just in this small little area, like the toilets!

And beautiful trees to hide behind:

We then headed back towards home, where there is an old railway cart on the side of the road that I drive past almost every day, just have never had the chance to stop at. So this time we did.

It started to cloud over and get quite bitterly cold, so I took one more snap before we left.

This is my bestie Rach

Next week we might go and explore some more!