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13 Months

Dear Little Boy,

How the time is rushing by me. I though I would be writing in this post that you are walking everywhere but no, you are not interested.  You get everywhere on your knees, I wonder if you think you are already walking!

You have taken 6 steps, and still walk around the furniture, but if you have somewhere to go, you go by knee, and you are fast too!

Breastfeeding is over, you became disinterested not long after your first birthday, every feed became shorter or you would rather drink water from your cup.  I thought I would be sad but it felt right, and we made it to twelve months which is fantastic!  – Just need to get you interested in cows milk, which you are not so keen on.

You have been copying words, when asked “what does a sheep say” you reply “Baa” you also try to say your big brothers name, you have been saying mum and dad for ages now, waving and saying bye, and hello.

Your favourite thing to play with is the remote – surprise surprise, you desperately try to get up on the couch to get them. Especially the playstation ones.  Your other favourite thing to do is empty my plastics drawer, I am forever picking things up off the floor.  Toys who needs them!!