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When sleeping all day would have been wonderful….

If I had not been so sick.

I picked my eldest boy up from school last Friday not feeling well, and by Sunday I was also not feeling well. We have spent the last week in our pj’s, coughing, snuffling and groaning.

I have not felt so ill in a long time, it was worse than just a cold. I am only just feeling better. Still not a lot of energy but I am feeling the need to do housework, so it must mean I am on the mend.

I took this lot of photos last week, before I fell into a heap. Mum’s don’t get sick days, so when you have 3 children to look after as well as yourself, it can be quite tricky. Thankfully my husband was able to get a day off to keep my youngest occupied while I rested. I am very grateful for that.