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Winter Blues

What a winter it has been. I suppose I go into each year with high hopes for the year that it will be a good year, better than the last, and then life will play a trick on you and throw something at you that you thought would never happen.

This year has been one of those years, and I’m rather over winter and rain. During Northern Tasmania’s floods of August my mother’s house was completely flooded, she lost almost everything. So the last few weeks have been busy, doing what we can to help my Mum out, and its been an ongoing process, but for now things are somewhat returning to normal.

During the last couple of months I’ve taken a few personal photos. Of course my youngest is often the subject of my images lately.

At the Daveys

At the Daveys

little boy

little boy

little boy

little boy

We had book week this year, my daughter being Wanda from the Where’s Wally books, and my son as A Hobbit from The Lord of The Rings.

Book Week 2013 Wanda from "Where's Wally"

Book Week 2013 Hobbit

It was too cold to be a barefoot Hobbit. All clothing sourced from the op shop (thrift) or their own drawers.

My little guy also had a birthday.

Teddy Cake
Cake by ZeppieDoesCakes

And got a GIANT trampoline for his birthday. (I didn’t realise it was going to be so huge but it’s awesome)

Boys jumping

Trampoline basketball

My love my dinosaur Mummy


So here’s hoping Spring is wonderful!

Where did 10 years go?


Earlier this month, my eldest boy turned 10.  As he gets older, I post less about him, mainly because he is mostly at school and not home to take pictures of, but also at that stage of his life where the fake smile reigns and all he does is build Lego, and well, how many pictures of him playing Lego can you take?

I know we all say it, I say it all the time. How has 10 years gone past? How can I be celebrating my son’s 10th birthday when I still remember mine, like it was not that long ago.  I don’t think I will ever get used to this getting older thing.

This year as it was my son’s 10th, we said we would have his party at the “Road Transport and Safety Centre” locally known as The Bike Centre, we have been here for past birthdays and it is just fantastic.



Bike Centre

Bike Centre

Bike Centre


He was spoilt rotten by all his family and friends.



This year a Batman Cake was ordered.  I simply made two packet cake mixes in a lamington sized tray, stuck them together and iced with yellow butter icing.  I used coloured sugar (which can be found on ebay) and printed a template of the batman logo on the home printer, cut it out and placed it on the cake, sprinkled the black sugar, and slowly peeled off the template.

Batman Cake

10 Years Old
Birthday gifts


Like Lego much?

2nd Birthday Bash

I haven’t been taking that many photos lately, the winter blues set in, the weather is foul and I barely have left the house.  We have also been re painting our walls so our weekends have been rather busy.  Yesterday my little guy turned 2, and that is an occasion to get the camera out.

We end up having a couple of birthday celebrations at our place, one with the family, and then something at home.

This is the wonderful Sesame Street cake made by Jo needless to say he was very impressed.

h poppy.jpg

Our birthday celebrations at home….his actual birthday morning
h present.jpg

This year I opted out on the party, but we did invite some friends over for a play and pike lets, I was a bit worried we may have had to cancel his playdate as he ended up with conjunctivitis, but it was all cleared up.

Waiting for friends.

h cake.jpg

My dodgy attempt at a Thomas The Tank Cake!  He didn’t mind what it looked like though, he just wanted cake!