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Where have I been?

No where really, just lurking around doing what I usually do….I have been a bit uninspired in the photo department, been busy but I’m not sure what doing.

So I have decided to start a new little project with no time limit but something to keep the brain ticking over… It’s called Project ABC, the idea is to take a photo of something representing each letter of the alphabet. I’ve only just started so here is my B photo:

Books in case you weren’t sure 😉

B is for Books

School holidays are almost upon us! I am guessing there will be a fair bit of tv watching going on if the weather doesn’t pick up! Which is what my son is doing here

Watching television

I can’t believe the year is almost over, my little man has done so well at school this year receiving a literacy award for the best in his class, I’m so proud!

Wish me luck for the 8 weeks holidays we have down here in Tassie, I’m sure I will be tearing my hair out before the first 2 weeks are over!! No I’m looking forward to not having to get up early, unplanned days, and visiting friends and the museum, hopefully I will get to take a few more photos too.