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Mmmm Coffee….at Off Centre

Off Centre is a newly opened coffee shop in the Kingsway, Launceston. Just right around the corner from the cinema, which is fantastic because Off Centre is one of the few coffee shops that is open evenings.

It opens early mornings 7:30AM – 2:00PM, and then later from 7:00PM – 10:00PM

The other stand out feature is their weekly TUNESDAY (Tuesday evenings) which entails live music, coffee and cake. I am yet to experience a Tunesday as my kids need to go to bed, but one day I might get there.

I love the feeling of this coffee shop, the retro styling, and friendly staff. Of course the coffee is great, and if you frequent often you can stamp your own card along the wall of names.  Definitely on the list of must visit, if you are in town.



Food Photography

A few weeks ago some other photographers and I got together to practice our food photography skills.  It’s amazing how difficult it is to put together some inanimate objects in such a way that they look appetising and appealing.

Belinda very kindly lent us the use of her home, table, coffee, and sandwiches.
Food Photography Session

Cake brought along by Anjie who also made some timber backdrops

Food Photography Session

Food Photography Session

Food Photography Session

Food Photography Session


Toni made the delicious brownies and chocolate balls

Food Photography Session


Bron and Bob also helped out with their decorating and technical knowledge.  It was a great day, and I learned a lot, and enjoyed getting together with everyone.


p.s   The cake tasted amazing

2nd Birthday Bash

I haven’t been taking that many photos lately, the winter blues set in, the weather is foul and I barely have left the house.  We have also been re painting our walls so our weekends have been rather busy.  Yesterday my little guy turned 2, and that is an occasion to get the camera out.

We end up having a couple of birthday celebrations at our place, one with the family, and then something at home.

This is the wonderful Sesame Street cake made by Jo needless to say he was very impressed.

h poppy.jpg

Our birthday celebrations at home….his actual birthday morning
h present.jpg

This year I opted out on the party, but we did invite some friends over for a play and pike lets, I was a bit worried we may have had to cancel his playdate as he ended up with conjunctivitis, but it was all cleared up.

Waiting for friends.

h cake.jpg

My dodgy attempt at a Thomas The Tank Cake!  He didn’t mind what it looked like though, he just wanted cake!