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Vintage Cameras – Project Life Freebie


I’ve been so busy trying to catch up on my Project Life albums and have been looking for some vintage themed cards.  I can’t always find what I want, so I decided to create one for myself using some photographs I took on my iPhone a while back.  This is designed to be printed on a 4×6 paper and can be cut up to fit two 3×4 pockets.

Find here at dropbox

Feel free to use for your own albums!

4x6 (2 3x4) Vintage Cameras

Instagram for toddlers

Have you ever gone to your iPhone to find 50 strange selfies or random photos your toddler has taken when you weren’t looking?

I have! So I was wondering what to do with them the other day. Delete them all? Some of them were kind of cute. So instead I created an instagram profile from the view point of my toddler.

Don’t worry, my toddler does not upload to instagram himself – he is no where near 13!

Check out @heafygram for a bit of a laugh.

instagram, toddler

I found someone new

We have been together now for 5 years, our meeting in 2006 was a memorable one, I admired you, and claimed you and loved you. I have held you close to my heart for so long now.

But slowly over time I became unhappy, for the most part you were doing what is necessary for a relationship but at times there was something lacking.

You were becoming old, lost your shine, your glimmer and I couldn’t get out of you what I wanted. I needed more.

So I left you…

Meet my new camera the Canon 7D!!!!!

Sorry ole 350D you will be tucked away in my camera bag for now, but I am hoping to be able to teach my husband how to use you one day.