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Family Photography Session – Cataract Gorge

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely family that had NEVER had any family photos taken, never all in the same photo all at once, so it was a pleasure to finally photograph them all together.  We had lots of fun and even got photobombed by a peacock!


Launceston Wedding Photographer – Cataract Gorge, Kirsty & Rob

Last year I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding at the Gorge in Launceston, Kirsty and Rob were coming over from the mainland to get married and make their two families, one large family.

I met their lovely children and we took some lovely relaxed photos (in between the pouring rain) and had the wedding ceremony in the rotunda at the Gorge.  It was a pleasure to capture their special day.

Kirsty & Rob-3

Kirsty & Rob-39


Kirsty & Rob-9






Kirsty & Rob-97

Kirsty & Rob-100

Kirsty & Rob-110

Kirsty & Rob-112

Kirsty & Rob-118

Kirsty & Rob-129

Kirsty & Rob-136

Kirsty & Rob-140

Kirsty & Rob-141

Kirsty & Rob-143

Kirsty & Rob-144

Kirsty & Rob-145

Kirsty & Rob-15


Kirsty & Rob-146

Kirsty & Rob-153Kirsty & Rob

Launceston Family Photographer – Mini Sessions at the Cataract Gorge

Last month I held another Saturday mini session day, here is a gorgeous brother and sister I got to photograph. Mini sessions are much shorter than regular sessions, 15 minutes in duration, I had lots of fun but I am thinking I may need to extend the time as 15 minutes just isn’t enough!

William and Summer were gorgeous and hopefully had fun, and mum even jumped in for a couple of photos.