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Flashback Friday – Pink Much

Today we are flashing back to my pre-teen self.

I was into pink.  In case you couldn’t tell.

Pink Much

I’m guessing I was about 11/12 and was probably a bit old for the Barbie doona cover, but then hey it was pink. To the left we have Kimberly and  Daniel (Magic Nursery Dolls) and Rebecca Sally (Cabbage Patch), Rebecca why are you wearing that hideous jumper?

I LOVED my bookend bed. When we moved house when I was a bit older, my mum bought me a new (second hand) bed and gave mine to my new step brother. I was MIFFED. I didn’t want to have a white shaped bed head, I wanted my bookend.  I eventually got it back.

See my baby-sitters books there on the bookend, that is only a tiny amount of them,  I wonder where all the rest were?  Also BSC calendar on the wall.  Next to the m&m we have a picture of my old dog who we had to have put down.

Off to the right we have my PINK dressing table, I remember mum and dad bringing this home and painting it up for me. I had it for years, eventually stripped it back to timber and then later parted with it.

My outfit, what a shocker, good ole track pants with the stripe, and that jumper, what can I say? It was the 90’s. Wow my hair was long, this was the time when bubble hair was in, you know when you tie a half pony tail at the top and then push it forward so it stuck up like a bubble?  It was soooo coool. Honest.

Needless to say pink is now my LEAST favourite colour.  It’s now Red.

Inside a box

Who needs toys when you have a giant cardboard box?

After the new washing machine was installed we were left with a huge cardboard box which turned into a cubby house, which then got turned upside down into a play box!

In a box

In a box
In a box
a boo
In a box

Going to get you mum

In a box

In a box

In a box

I have a photo of myself and my brother playing in a cubby house box, what strange object have you ever turned into a toy?