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Can you tell me how to get…

Yesterday I looked through my son’s drawers and realised most of his jumpers are size 5 and he is now 8 (no wonder they were looking a bit small)  so I thought I might go look at a couple of op-shops.

I have a bit of a love, hate relationship with op shops.  My mum used to go op shopping quite often, and I hated going.  As soon as we pulled up near one I would inwardly groan.  I hated the smell, you know that smell of a thousand different bodies all in one room, although it wasn’t people but their clothes.

I do remember one instance of looking in an op shop and picking out a totally awesome tye died t-shirt, cos It was the 90’s ok!

Even not that long back maybe 7 years or so, I thought I would give the op-shop another chance and off I went, just for a look, and then a little old lady farted in the aisle. I was disgusted and left.

Turns out I think I was just looking in the wrong op-shops.  I find the Salvos ones are the best, they must have a few rules that the others don’t, they actually seem to have good stuff in them and where as some of the others I think the people that work there must just take all the good stuff.

So anyway over the past few years when I have had a need of dress up costumes, or footy socks, I have gone to the nearest op shop and actually found some decent things.

Yesterday I visited two, at the first I found a whole pile of clothes that my kids could use, little boy was going from 00 to 0 so I searched for some, and found a few, my daughter didn’t really need anything but I couldn’t help myself buying a cute jumper and dress for her, they were in excellent condition, and my big boy I found a couple of jumpers and shirts, all good brands, so I was impressed.  My op-shop experience was a sucesss!

Anyways, I set off to another just to fill in a bit more time, I wasn’t ready to go home yet.

As always this op-shop has a great big book section, which I love to trawl through.

This time I found:

3 Sesame Street books (actually there were more but I couldn’t carry them all so I picked these ones) all in excellent condition.


I like to see who they belonged to, find out their history and was very suprised to find this name inside…


You see I went to school with a girl called Briony Hutton and I wouldn’t be suprised if this was the same girl, after all Launceston is not a very big place.  I will have to find out!

This is one of our book shelves.  Someone gave me that cute little chair, and it fits just perfectly in this spot next to the shelf for a bit of reading.


Look at that lovely sun.


This shelf mostly has kids books on it, some of them were mine, and are falling apart a bit, but they have such history, and some of the illustrations in those older Fairytale/Bedtime Story books are just beautiful.

So do you op-shop?  Love them or hate them? Any great finds? I’d love to know 🙂

My New Washing Machine

On Monday my washing machine died. It has been on the way out for a long time, the quick wash suddenly wasn’t so quick any more, there was washing powder being left on the clothes.

My son’s smooshed biscuit was still on his pants.  Then the ultimate death, it refused to turn the barrel. HELP! I had mountains of washing to get through.

I went to a local electrical store for a quick browse, $999 most of the prices were for a 7kg front loader yikes!  He tried to sell me an Electrolux washer at $715 instead of $799, I went home and googled and found a stack of bad reviews that sounded very similar to the problems I was having with my old machine.

So instead once again the internet was my friend and I did a bit of research and came up with the LG 7kg WD 11020D.  Harvey Norman had it on sale for $799.  I had some money I was trying to save aside for a new camera so I sent my husband in to pick one.  The benefits of purchasing from Harvey Norman is the extended warranty.  I have used it before on other products and it is excellent.

Direct Drive

What sold me on the LG was the quick wash option, direct drive motor (with 10 year warranty on the motor) and the ability to get parts easily and locally.



It boasts less noise, but it is about the same as my old one, which is fine I expect to make some noise, It has washed over the week loads and loads of washing, including blankets and doonas (from an accident) that have come up fantastic. It has a quick wash option, which I am yet to try as my loads have all been huge. The detergent draw opens easily and smoothly (a change from the last) and so does the door.


It has child lock too, so my baby can watch if he likes!

My only complain is that the pause button only pauses for 4 minutes before shutting the machine down, which then means I have to start a cycle from the beginning, annoying if I wanted to pause it while my baby had a sleep.


The only complaints I read online before buying was the tune it plays after a wash is complete, it is rather long but kinda cute, and If you really want you can turn it off.

The instructions also warned me if I had a young child not to leave the door open too long, cos ya know I like to wash babies that way.