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It’s Play School – Again!

For those of you that have followed my blog for a while you will know that I love Play School, as I have posted about it before, several times

Yesterday I took my little boy to this years Play School concert, this years presenters were Abi Tucker and Jay Lagaaia.  Unfortunately the boy was a GRUMP. I think he was tired from being awake a bit the night before and he just did not like it at all. He told me off for singing! Oh well I had fun!!

It's Playschool

Hi Jay

Where is he?

Over Here

It's Big Ted

Dingle Dangle


My view

His view

All the colours of the rainbow

The clock

Piano man

The cupboard is bare

A bone?

Is it over?



It’s safe to say Jay stole the show, he was fantastic.  Abi was great too.  My only complaint is it was so hot in the room, phew!   So my tips to prepare for the Play School concert, pack light, no prams allowed, dress light, make sure child is happy!  Don’t bother getting there early, everyone just pushes in anyway, wait around after the show the presenters do a quick signing, or a longer meet and greet if you go to the second show, and if you want to be guaranteed merchandise, go to the early session.

Dear John Hamblin

Dear John,

I saw your book in the store a long time ago, but as usual had no money. I often thought I must read that book, but it disappeared from the shelf and unfortunately I haven’t read it till now.

I am halfway through your story and what an interesting life you have lead. I only know you from Play School, so to read about all your earlier endeavours is wonderful.  I am loving the book so far.

When I saw Play School was bringing out a 45 year anniversary DVD I knew I had to have it. I needed to introduce my kids to the fantastic funny John I remember as a kid, and let me tell you they loved it.

I listened as the presenters talked on ABC radio about their job, and especially listening for Benita, talk about her wonderful time with you.

When I went to our local bookstore to buy the DVD the older gentleman behind the counter fondly recalled he had a big crush on Benita, and I told him I was buying the DVD because I loved John.

My Nan’s fondest memory of me as a child is singing “Open Wide, come inside, it’s Play School”. It also runs in the family, all my children have loved Play School and I was lucky enough to go to a Play School concert when Benita was still doing them.

Just last year I gave my daughter the day off school just to go watch a playschool concert (her last show) before she grows out of the Play School stage.

My third child who is almost two also loves Play School, and the first thing he does in the morning, after eating of course, is bring me the remote and ask for “Cool Cool”.

I can’t help but compare every new presenter to you. I look at the new ones, judging their awkwardness, (they usually settle down after a couple of years) but no one has yet lived up to you or the likes of Noni, Benita, George and Don.

So why am I sharing all this with you? I am not sure, I am reading your life story and perhaps wanted to share a piece of mine, perhaps it’s the re living the childhood memories, making me feel young again. Those blissful moments of being a child without a care in the world.

I hear you live in Tasmania now, and are an artist. I also live in Tasmania, and if I ever get the chance I would love to meet you, and see some of your wonderful art work.

I read in your book that you still get fan mail as the ABC still pass them on to you, so I hope this letter finds you well.

Kind Regards,


I was not asked to post this but as I have missed several Play School concerts just beacuse I didn’t know they were on, I wanted to tell you all that PlaySchool are touring Tasmania again so be sure to get to a concert. I know I will be going!

Details can be found at

Also to read about John’s life you can find the book here

Flashback Friday – Play School Concert and Museum Tour 2005

I thought I had lost these photos a while back and went on a mad search of my discs over and over till I finally found them.  They are not much in quality but I remember the day fondly.

My big boy was 2 years old, our first Playschool Concert, and Benita Collings was the presenter!!  I think I was just as excited as my boy to see it.  My dad used to tease me about Benita or Egg Beater as he called her.

Play School Concert Set

Benita and David

Play School Concert

Benita and ?

Philip Quast


Benita Collings

Around the same time, there was also a Play School display that toured the museum, I went with my boy as part of a playgroup activity and unfortunately we barely had time to look at the exhibition, so sorry about the bad photos, my digital camera was not very good back then.

Tea Pot

John Hamblin, how I would like to meet you one day.  I hear you live in Tasmania now?

John and Humpty


Rocket Clock Front

Rocket Clock

Big Ted



And that concludes our Flashback …..

Flower Calendar

Flashback Friday