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Book Week – Love it or Loathe it?

Book Week is upon us again, three weeks away on the 24th of August is our parade.  The pressure is on to come up with something unique, something we haven’t already done, year after year till Primary School ends.

Last year I was about to give birth (overdue in fact) and I ordered an outfit for my boy two days prior to the parade, and my daughter used a costume she already had.


I HATE spending money on things like this, I need it for regular clothes! So this year we are trying our best to not buy costumes but to find things cheaply.

So today I went scouring op shops to see what I could find.

The boy has decided he wants to be Wally from Where’s Wally.  You would think it would be easy to find a red and white striped top but not so easy, not even to find new ones.  My daughter wants to be Pippi Longstocking….shouldn’t be too hard, some long stockings, baggy patched clothing.

I couldn’t find a red and white striped top that was the right size stripes or size top for my little man so I bought a red top ($3) which we will paint stripes on, oh and some clothes for me 😉

Ebay has Wally hats for $1, and the same for glasses.

I bought two tops (ladies sizes) which I can layer for my daughter as a dress and the boots all for under $10

I looked on ebay and found some cute striped knee high socks for $4.50

The kids are excited about it and so am I, it will be fun to see how they turn out.  What are your plans for book week this year? Do you love or hate it?

Lego Winner

My Big Boy is a huge Lego fan, every birthday he seems to get stacks of it, the Lego box is getting full to the brim, he is a very lucky boy.

I certainly don’t mind him wanting Lego as it lasts for decades (I know because I still have mine) and it keeps his mind busy.

A few months ago in his Lego Club magazine, which is free by the way so if you have a child that loves Lego sign up, we did an online survey about the magazine, at the end of the survey there was an opportunity to enter a competition and select a Lego should you win.  My son picked the Space Shuttle, and then we forgot about it.

Well on Monday when my son had been anxiously waiting for his pre-ordered Transformers Dark of the Moon toy (saved for with his own pocket money) a knock at the door came.

There was a box with his name on it.  He thought it was the transformer.  I told him to check who it said it was from.


He ripped open the box and pulled out his prize with a lovely letter congratulating him on his win.
My big boy is excited this morning he won some Lego!

It also happened to be a student free moderation day so he also had time to build it.

And within an hour