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Fishing and Kite Flying

We had a quiet Easter weekend, and week of holidays following. As we live on a pretty tight budget and with no time to save to go anywhere after all the bills we have had, we spent time at home fixing the cubby house (well my husband did) and we also did a couple of free holiday activities.


We flew kites, well tried to but it wasn’t very windy.


We went fishing. My (selfish) head was saying Noooo I hate fishing, but my heart was saying, the kids will love it and they need to get outside. So we went and it was fun, even though very windy, we all had a great time.


Testing out some new Lightroom templates I found over at

super easy to use.

Inside a box

Who needs toys when you have a giant cardboard box?

After the new washing machine was installed we were left with a huge cardboard box which turned into a cubby house, which then got turned upside down into a play box!

In a box

In a box
In a box
a boo
In a box

Going to get you mum

In a box

In a box

In a box

I have a photo of myself and my brother playing in a cubby house box, what strange object have you ever turned into a toy?