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Getting to know your DSLR – Back button focus

I have had a digital SLR since 2006, and have only just realised I can change my focus button.  I was reading some blogs the other day where the photographers were referring to this back button auto focus and I wondered what it was.

Why would I want to do this? Well currently I have to half press my shutter button to focus, the fully press to take the photo.  In changing the buttons, I leave my shutter to take the picture with out having to keep half pressing the button all the time.

So to change which buttons you use, you need to head into your custom functions.  This can all seem a little confusing at first but is really quite simple, and if you change something and you can’t remember what you can reset all your settings back to normal and start again.

Head into Custom Function settings 4
Here is a close up of the screen and what each button is selected for.

You then need to press the SET button to take you into the screen where you can change these settings.

By moving your joystick or turning the wheel, select the AF-ON button, then press SET, inside this you will see several options, select the icon with the camera and AF written.  Press SET again.
In this image the AF-ON button is the first button on the top right.  This is now what I use to focus, leaving the shutter button only for the shutter.


I am hoping by changing this that I might have better control over my focus.  I have also changed the settings for my auto focus from One Shot to AI Focus which means it will determine when my subject is still or moving, which is very handy for running around children.

I encourage you to get your camera manual out and read it thoroughly there might be many other things your camera can do, but you haven’t learnt them all yet. Get to know your camera.