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Ava’s Rule

I came across Sheye’s blog a few years ago now, attracted by her beautiful photography I read on to discover a heartbreaking story.

Sheye lost her daughter Ava in 2003 when she was stuck inside the family car unknown to her parents. Tears flowed as I read about Sheye’s loss, and I have never forgotten her story. Every year I try to pass on via email or just word of mouth this postcard.


Every year on August 22 Sheye holds a Teaparty for Ava, she invites everyone to hold their loved ones that bit tighter and share a special tea party with those you love.

I think it is such an important message that needs to be passed on, especially as winter ends and summer comes along.

Pass on the postcard, tell someone Ava’s story, it might just save a life.

Bed Jumping

Jump by astrogirl529
Jump, a photo by astrogirl529 on Flickr.

Because that’s what beds are for right?

So I had just done her hair ready for church and told her I wanted to take some pictures of her all dressed up, so she proceeded to jump on the bed.

Crazy Hair

Which made for some fun photos!



Pippi Long Stocking

I got my cute pictures at the end:

Beautiful Smile

And Daddy got his cuddle

Cuddles for Dad