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Fishing and Kite Flying

We had a quiet Easter weekend, and week of holidays following. As we live on a pretty tight budget and with no time to save to go anywhere after all the bills we have had, we spent time at home fixing the cubby house (well my husband did) and we also did a couple of free holiday activities.


We flew kites, well tried to but it wasn’t very windy.


We went fishing. My (selfish) head was saying Noooo I hate fishing, but my heart was saying, the kids will love it and they need to get outside. So we went and it was fun, even though very windy, we all had a great time.


Testing out some new Lightroom templates I found over at

super easy to use.

On the weekend

I had been looking forward to the Easter weekend to spend some time with my family and friends, so when the weekend finally arrived what did I do?

Fell in a heap with a migrane.  I got up Friday morning head thumping and stomach rolling and went straight back to bed.

I have a tendancy to do this, even on our honey moon I fell ill, I don’t know if it’s my body’s way of taking a break after being go, go, go all the time.

So we headed out Saturday to take the kids to Myrtle Park, but it rained and was freezing!!!  So on Monday we tried again, this time we went closer to home to the Tailrace park and it was a beautiful day. I almost didn’t take the camera but at the last minute ran back inside to grab it.


I Spy


My daughter decided she didn’t want any photos of her taken so she ran away at every opportunity I had the camera pointed in her direction.

It also helped that she was in a maze.

Running Away



Just to prove I was there, I asked my husband to take some pictures as evidence.

I was there too

Playing in the grass

After a play we went for a walk along the boardwalk where you can view the river, although the river is just mud and not much of a view, so I just took more sneaky photos.



The little one started to get tired so we began to move on,


Somewhere along here my daughter decided she would like to be in a picture (finally)


So she posed

Now she wants a photo

A few more

Lovely light




So glad I went back inside to grab the camera!