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Mmmm…..Coffee at Milkbar


Another of my favourite coffee shops is the lovely Milkbar Cafe and Giftshop located at 139 St John Street.  Decorated with vintage/retro wears, and gives you the feeling of an old time milkbar, you can grab a coffee, lunch or shop in the gift shop at the rear of the store.

Also at the back of the store is a wonderful craft space.  In the past Milkbar has run various workshops, sadly I didn’t get to attend any.  Now the space is available to book out for any crafty get together.

There is a cupboard filled with toys to entertain any youngsters visiting which is really thoughtful. Milkbar has a cozy, friendly, relaxed vibe and I could sit for hours (which I may have done), drinking their delicious Ritual coffee!

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Stanley, Tasmania – The Nut

We started our journey by telling the kids we were off to see a giant nut – which in their minds was a literal giant nut, like the big banana or something, so they were a little disappointed when we the nut appeared and it was a mountain.

Then even more disappointed when we told them we were going to climb up it!

On the drive to the Nut, the weather was very temperamental and it looked as if were were driving closer and closer to a rainy destination, but the weather held out for us.





After much complaining we made it to the top…



It was rather windy!  We were prepared with coats, but if I was going again I would take a beanie, as the ears got quite cold!









We walked the track around the top of the Nut, and in the middle was a small amount of bush, where I found a pocket of light…..felt like we could have been anywhere in the world, not on top of a volcanic plug!







Goodbye Stanley, it was a lovely day.