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Tips for Self Portraits, and Family Shots with you in it!

From the Kiwi Girl asked for a few tips on self portraits and family shots so here goes!


Tripod.  A tripod is a must if you want self portraits where you are not holding the camera out in front of your face (and nearly dropping it because it is so heavy).

Black and White Me

Relax! Take lots of photos, and take them when no one else is watching


Focus..It can be hard to set up the shot when you have nothing to focus on…if you are using a prop (like a chair) focusing on that can help, but failing that use a…


Remote shutter, these things are fantastic for head shots, just point, focus and shoot, all from your hand! Cheap too, look on ebay.

Lighting.  Experiment!

In the dark

Think about what you are trying to portray in your photo, and consider your background.



Me and my red door

Use mirrors
Mirror image

the palette

Try something different, take a self portrait without your face in it, but still make it obvious it’s you

Portrait without a face

That’s why I’m astrogirl 😉
Angle.  Shoot from above, it helps with double chins and gives a different perspective.

Or shoot from down low..

Show your true self
Now comes the hard part…trying to take family portraits with you in them.

There is no easy way, just do it over and over till you get something decent. Make it fun, get the family to do silly faces, then smiling, try jumping, that’s always fun and relaxes everyone.

Trying to do a family portrait!!!

Everyone is smiling (sort of)   but there are trees growing out of hubby’s head. Oh Well!

Oh dear trees are growing out of Kev's head

10 Second Timer!


If all else fails, pay someone else to take your family portraits!