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Family Holiday Part 3 – Churchill Island Heritage Farm

My favourite part of our visit to Philip Island was Churchill Island Farm

We arrived at lunchtime and grabbed a bite to eat before we went off exploring, sadly while we were waiting for our lunch we missed the ride around the farm but we saw the rest of the activities which run one after the other.  First we saw a cow being milked.  The kids weren’t real keen to have a go!  Next we watched a couple of sheep being shawn.


After that we watched the man doing some whip cracking.  He was fabulous, what a true Aussie character!  Daddy even had a go!


We explored the historic buildings and watched the dogs rounding up the sheep.



Just as we were about to leave I realised we hadn’t seen the Highland cows that were all over the advertising material.  The cows paddock was on the outside of the entry gate, I’m glad we looked around or I would have missed them!  They are so cute!!


We finished the day off with ice creams on the beach and some thong throwing for entertainment!


Family Holiday Part 1- Ocean Grove and Beyond

My poor neglected blog, I do apologise for the lack of posting.  I have been flat out catching up on photos from December through to now, and I’m still not on top of them all!

I thought I would start by posting a small selection of the photos I took while we were away, I will do it in parts as it’s going to take me a while to put it all together!  So to start off we began our journey by boarding the Spirit of Tasmania, we travelled with two other families which made the journey so much more enjoyable to go with friends.

The kids loved it, I didn’t sleep all night but that’s just me!  We departed the boat at 5.30 the next morning…..not so great when you have little ones so the first stop was Maccas for breakfast! What else was going to be open?!!

We spent some time camping in Ocean Grove and did a few day trips around the area.


Bells Beach, the famous surfing beach.


Torquay….it was so windy this particular day, which probably didn’t help all the bushfires that were happening further down the coast, which limited us going too far.  We visited a few more places, Geelong Vintage Markets, The Mill Market (fabulous) Geelong City, Barwon Heads, Queenscliff, but I only took my phone for those trips so I didn’t take as many photos as I could of.  I have a habit of just wanting to leave the camera alone when I’m on holidays, but that is not always the best idea!  Perhaps I will do a phone post at the end.


We did a lot of eating, the boys had haircuts, did a bit of window shopping (didn’t really buy a lot) I must mention two shops that were really great and worth visiting if you are ever in Ocean Grove.  The first is Kyo, a trade wharehouse importer of amazing goods from China, Japan, India and Argentina, it’s a little hidden away in an industrial are but the shop is HUGE and my daughter and I  loved it.

The other great place we visited was a lovely coffee shop called Hello Birdie, honestly the best coffee shop that caters for families that I have ever been to.

After our stay in Ocean Grove we boarded the Ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento, that was a short but pleasant enough journey which began our long car drive.


We passed through a town called Hastings…


but I’m afraid Hastings didn’t have a lot to offer, so we kept heading toward our destination…..(Part 2 to follow)

Bridport Family Photographer

Before Christmas (yes I’m a bit behind) I had the pleasure of photographing the Cox family from Bridport.  It was lovely to meet their children, and we spent some time at their home and at the beach.




I love to try and get a shot or two of the family pet, as they are such a special part of a family’s life.  Thank you for having me photograph your lovely family.