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Not much of a weekend to rewind

I usually like to do a weekend rewind on a Monday and post what I got up to on the weekend, but alas I got up to absolutely nothing except grocery shopping.

That’s right, even though Mother’s Day was  yesterday still nothing happened.  Not even breakfast in bed (which might I add is free).

The kids have been home sick so no school crafts to bring home, I don’t really expect them to remember what day it is but you would think with all the ads on television “someone” might have reminded them to at least give me a cuddle.

I tried not to care but I did.  I know it is over commercialised and my kids don’t have to tell me they love me on one day of the year, but seeing all the photos on instagram of mothers day cards and gifts and lunches I was feeling rather left out.

I know we have all been sick and we had KFC for tea last week because I was too sick to cook, but just a tiny bit of effort wouldn’t have gone astray.

So here are a couple pictures of my kids who I adore, and who I know love me, even if they forget to say it.
Home from school

Shower Cap


point + shoot