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One Year Old – A birthday shoot

The other day I headed out to my Sis in Law’s house to utelise her spare granny flat out the back of her place. She had begun to set it up to use as a bit of a studio, with some lights and backdrops I wanted to do a cake smash but ran out of time to go buy one, so I took over some balloons instead.

We had even less time as my SIL had an unexpected visitor turn up just as we were about to begin, so we used what time we had left to just have a bit of a test run, checking lighting and having a general play to see what worked.

Here are a few pictures from the attempt.








I am suprised I got any useable shots as my little boy is so active he would barely be still for 1 second, it will be interesting to see how it goes with cake involved, it could end up EVERYWHERE, might have to pick a darker coloured background for that one!

The Bike

So I didn’t get around to posting about my daughter’s actual birthday, before the party.

Her birthday was on a school day so I heard my daughter get up early (and she never gets up early – takes after me in that department) and come into my room.

We all got up and headed out to the lounge together to give her the present.

There was one wrapped up present on the table and a card.

She opened the card first

Opening the present

Inside was a drawing book and some bubbles

Just what I always wanted

“Just what I always wanted, bubbles!!!” She said.

We told her that was it, I asked her if she was happy with her presents and she nodded.

“Oh wait there is one more” We said (this one was hidden under a bed sheet in the sunny room), “Now close your eyes….”

Close your eyes

I can see you peeking

I can see you peeking

Ta Da!

Ta Da!

Her new bike

She was impressed.



Petal Power

Baby Seat




Pink Bike

Bike with baby and bubbles

Having a ride

On the bike