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Houzz Feature Article

A while back I posted a few photos of my home’s interior with the hashtag #meetmyhouzz not thinking much of it, I received an email from the team at Houzz asking if I would like to feature our home on their website. I did a little panic as our home is a work in progress and so far only the kitchen has progressed but I though, why not, this is real life, most people don’t live in fully renovated houses that appear in designer magazines, and if they do they mustn’t have children or pets haha! So here is my real life 🙂

Bridport Family Photographer

Before Christmas (yes I’m a bit behind) I had the pleasure of photographing the Cox family from Bridport.  It was lovely to meet their children, and we spent some time at their home and at the beach.




I love to try and get a shot or two of the family pet, as they are such a special part of a family’s life.  Thank you for having me photograph your lovely family.


Moving On

Last month we said goodbye to our home.  The home that I brought my youngest home to, the home that was so sunny and warm, and peaceful.  It was really quite hard making that final decision to say yes to the offer on our place and to commit to another.  We had wanted that home to be ours for a very long time, and really thought it would work with three, and we managed for 4 years, but we were feeling like we needed more space, so we didn’t have to bump into each other all the time, space to store the ever expanding amount of clothes, and toys (Lego) that seems to increase every time I turn around.



As far as distance goes, we haven’t moved far, still out of town, still have countryside views and much needed space. I had also on my wish list for a new home, something retro, something older but with style, I wanted to do a Retro Renovation

So here are a few photos of the inside, sadly after spending weeks of cleaning my house ready for sale, the same hadn’t been done for me, so I have spent the last month cleaning, from top to bottom, grot and grime from the ceiling and walls…


We have already started on the kitchen, there was wall panelling on one wall that had been half painted white….underneath was some lovely retro wallpaper, we have big plans for this room.  I really wanted to like the kitchen, but sadly the previous owners put appliances in weird spots, cut up benches and moved what would have been once decorative features and ruined them :/  there are stuck on tiles on the floor that are peeling off already and not enough power points or bench space, I want to give the kitchen a retro look, but  I also want the benefits of a newer kitchen that is going to work for us better.

New house

New house


I have since replaced the dining setting with something more retro.

New house

The Lounge.

I love this room and the wood fire, which needs a bit of attention as smoke blows out the door all the time, but it is so warm.  I love the glass doors and the recessed ceiling, complete with fluorescent lights.  My husband hates the panelling, but it doesn’t bother me.  I love the book shelves.  The beanbag is an original 70’s beanbag (it was my Dad’s).  The tv on the mantle hasn’t found a home yet.  The tiles around the fire are all broken and need replacing and we are undecided on wall and ceiling colour yet.

New house

New house


I picked up the sideboard from a shop in town that closed down, it fits our new/old decor much better.

I’m looking forward to sharing our projects along the way.