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Instagram for toddlers

Have you ever gone to your iPhone to find 50 strange selfies or random photos your toddler has taken when you weren’t looking?

I have! So I was wondering what to do with them the other day. Delete them all? Some of them were kind of cute. So instead I created an instagram profile from the view point of my toddler.

Don’t worry, my toddler does not upload to instagram himself – he is no where near 13!

Check out @heafygram for a bit of a laugh.

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Photo a day June

Well as you all know June has come to an end, and we are halfway through the year, past the shortest day and counting down the days till it starts getting warmer. Well I am anyway.

Here is my June collection of photos.

June Photo A Day

I also had some instagram stickers made up from Instagoodies, they were very kind to send me a booklet so I could tell you about them. Instagoodies have teamed up with for $14 (not including shipping) you can have a booklet of 90 stickers.


How cute are these!

They look great and come on tear out sheets for easy sharing.  Now, where will I stick them? 🙂