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Back to the real world

School holidays are over, and the school routine has begun.  I am terrible at mornings and I am missing my sleep ins terribly.  We had such lovely holidays.  Here are some photos from our time.

school holiday blog1

school hol blog2

school hol blog3

school holidays blog 4

While things are not quite as busy without all the kids at home, I have some very busy weekends ahead to look forward to, birthdays to plan, penny farthing races to watch and weddings to prepare for. I am looking forward to it.

School Holidays coming up, why not enter the National Lego Building Competition?

This is not a sponsored post, it is purely me sharing the information with others, if you would like to sponsor me, please use the contact form.

These school holidays we have a mission, I have been trying to get my son to enter this competition for a few years but it has never happened. I want to go to California please!!

This years competition entries all recieve a copy of Mega Factories Lego episode and participation certificate, which would be worth entering just for that.

Lego boys

We have been trying to come up with an original idea, but it isn’t easy, so many things have been created with Lego already.  My son has picked his idea and started building and I will share it with you all when it is complete.

Lego mess

The competition is run through Toyworld, which is where you can pick up the entry forms.  We received ours through Lego club, which is worth joining if you have a Lego fan.  Entries are open between 1st of April till the 30th April 2012.

If your children decide to enter, come back and link me up with a photo!  Happy building!


Turning 9 and a Lego Minifigure Cake

A few weeks ago my eldest boy turned 9.  The night before he asked me to hide his presents and then jumped up early, dragging me out of bed to play “hot” or “cold” till he found them.

This year we decided against a party, but to do a fun activity and invite one friend to join us.

He chose mini golf.

Birthday Boy

Crazy Golf

Putt Putt

Got It

Glowing Fingers

We didn’t keep score but just played for fun.

After mini golf, he went off with his Aunty to pick a birthday present.

In the afternoon I decorated the birthday cake. I attempted to make a LEGO minifigure cake. I made two quantities of vanilla cake from the Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book and cooked them the day before. I found a  LEGO Minifigure template online that I used as a guide to get the right size and shape for my cake tin.

Then I made up the icing, and also bought some black icing in a tube, for the outlines of the LEGO man.

Lego Minifigure Cake

I think he turned out alright, the boy was happy so that is all that matters.
9th Birthday Presents

With all his gifts


The present he chose from his Aunty that is worth two years of birthdays, wonder if he will remember that 😉

Space Shuttle


X-Wing Star Fighter

Opens up...

And then he got another birthday cake made by Jo – check out her new cake decorating blog.

Transformers Dark of the Moon Cake