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Flashback Friday on a Saturday – Mum


As you all know it is Mothers Day tomorrow so I thought I would flashback with a picture of me and my Mum.  I couldn’t post yesterday because I couldn’t log into my account. I love my Mum, she has been such a strong example for me growing up, and continues to be.  I love that we can have adult conversations now, have a laugh and spend time together and the kids love their Nan.

Boy I had chubby cheeks!

Flashback Friday – My awesome Mullet

I have finally managed to sneak in another Flashback Friday, it’s been a while. This is me can you believe, at the Punchbowl Park in Norwood, Tasmania. Rockin an awesome mullet. My husband likes to remind me I had a mullet. In which I have to agree, yes it was the 80’s.

As kids we lived nearby this park and I used to love going there, and having just taken the kids to the park recently I have to remind myself to do it more often, because it’s fun, doesn’t cost anything and you gets us all out of the house and into the fresh air.

Happy Birthday To Me

Yesterday was my 28th GASP birthday. I had a lovely day going out for lunch with my mum and brother and then meeting up with one of my best friends for a coffee. I got some $$$ to spend, a rice cooker, Lost season 2 boxset, Hello Kitty Luggage bag, Step Up 1 and 2, some cute earrings and some gloves and dinner at the Black Cow, all in all it was a great day despite the fact I am closing in on 30.

Happy Birthday Mumma