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Just a quick little post about Tasmanian Bloggers

A few weeks ago I had my picture taken for the newspaper here in Tasmania. The whole day I was nervous, I am not used to having my photo taken.

I lined up a friend to baby sit my little one and headed back home to wait for the photographer. I was sure as I was driving home that he was going to beat me, as I was running a little bit behind.

That car that just went by me on the highway HAD to be him.

I applied lip gloss as I drove, and smeared half of it all over the car and me. As I approached my house there was no car out front. Phew. I went inside and waited, brushed my hair, twiddled my thumbs and waited, and waited, and waited.

The photographer was late, probably covering a far more important story than mine, but late none the less. It was nearing the time I had said I would pick my little boy up and still nothing. I gave him a call and he said he would be a while. Luckily my baby-sitter didn’t mind baby-sitting a little longer.

He arrived, we had a quick chat about photography, he took a few photos and then left.

I hadn’t gotten around to blogging about it at all, but one of the other ladies also featured did.

You can read the full article here at Life On Planet Baby