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Vitamin Me – Here I come

Are you lacking in Vitamin Me? I know my Vitamin Me levels are down.   How can I tell you ask?  I just looked in the mirror, and my hair is  fuzz, I have chipped toe nail polish, and my eyebrows have gone haywire.  With three kids at home on school holidays, I have barely had time to look in the mirror, and now I wish I hadn’t!

Vitamin Me time does not really exist for me at the moment, and that’s ok, my time will come when all my children are grown and I can have a holiday on my own, but for now Vitamin Me time includes Family time.

If I was able to have some Vitamin Me time I would jump on the Queensland Holidays website and find a secluded resort in the Whitsundays, but as I would have to take the family, we couldn’t go past the Gold Coast.

Can you imagine the trouble I would be in if I went to Queensland without going to the theme parks?

The last time I went to the Gold Coast I was 15 years old,

Movie World 

Movie World Gold Coast

Cuddles with Bugs

Movie World

A trip to Ripley’s would be a must, I’m sure my boy would be intrigued to know that I am extreeemly short.

Tallest Man - Ripley's Believe it or Not

My attempt at photography back when I was 15, Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe



Wasted half my roll of film trying to get those dolphins!


So if you are in need of some holiday Vitamin Me time, and to update your travel photos like I do,  head over to the Queensland Holidays website and browse the extensive list of places to visit.

Excuse me now while I go plan my future holiday.