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When sleeping all day would have been wonderful….

If I had not been so sick.

I picked my eldest boy up from school last Friday not feeling well, and by Sunday I was also not feeling well. We have spent the last week in our pj’s, coughing, snuffling and groaning.

I have not felt so ill in a long time, it was worse than just a cold. I am only just feeling better. Still not a lot of energy but I am feeling the need to do housework, so it must mean I am on the mend.

I took this lot of photos last week, before I fell into a heap. Mum’s don’t get sick days, so when you have 3 children to look after as well as yourself, it can be quite tricky. Thankfully my husband was able to get a day off to keep my youngest occupied while I rested. I am very grateful for that.


The day when I forgot how to work my camera

I must have been particularly tired this evening as we went for a family walk to the park.


We have been trying to make the most of the lovely summer we are having and going for a few bike rides to the park.



I don’t know what happened, but I forgot how to work my camera, I knew I wanted this photo frozen, but it was coming out too dark, I think I took about 50 photos before I finally remembered how to change the settings and got this one…


Kids on swings….I struggle to capture what I want. I see an image in my mind but it doesn’t always work.



I am sooooo disappointed that this was blurry 🙁


It just wasn’t working for me!

Then I forgot how to change my settings back, and I was getting so frustrated and kept missing some fantastic expressions all because I couldn’t remember what I was doing. Should have switched to auto!



Finally caught one….


Nope only fingers in focus….try again




I see you

Dirty feet

So I came away from the walk a little dejected and annoyed at myself and figured out what I was doing once I got home….

think I needed an early night!


On Friday the sun was out for a change, so I decided to walk to pick up the kids from school, they hate it when I walk!! So when I said we were walking home they groaned but I said we could stop at the park on the way home and they were happy again!

I wasn’t sure how little boy would like the swing but we gave him a go anyway….I was a little nervous about him falling out.








Sun in eyes


He liked it!

Loving the swing