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Bridport Family Photographer

Before Christmas (yes I’m a bit behind) I had the pleasure of photographing the Cox family from Bridport.  It was lovely to meet their children, and we spent some time at their home and at the beach.




I love to try and get a shot or two of the family pet, as they are such a special part of a family’s life.  Thank you for having me photograph your lovely family.


Going Back

I always love revisiting locations I have taken photos at before, updating the old shots, with similar new ones, it’s amazing to see how they grow….
Kids City Park


Kids City Park

Little Miss

Of course there’s this little guy too


Kids City Park

Kids City Park

Kids City Park

Kids City Park

Visiting the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery

As you all probably know it is school holidays for us here in Tassie, and trying to keep the kids occupied we took a trip to the newly renovated Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in town.

It was a really hot day so we sought some relief from the air conditioned building!  The gallery has been closed for several years due to its extensive renovation.  The whole inside has been re-vamped, new walls, lights, toilets and cafe.  It is now exclusively an art gallery where as before it used to house rock and  animal collections which are now located at the Inveresk Museum.
Visiting the museum

We didn’t know what to expect being the first time we have visited so we were pleasantly suprised when we saw the special art space for children to create some of their own pieces of art.




I even had a go at it…



His portrait of his brother in the pram

And this is me…..

Her portrait of me

In the lift

When we had finished our art we went and looked at all the exhibitions which I wasn’t able to take photos of, it was really suited to adults, the kids found looking at the art a bit boring, and warned me when there were rude pictures I shouldn’t look at. (A disclaimer would have been helpful!)

My favourite part is looking at the College students art work, in an exhibition called Art Rage, there are certainly some inspirational young people around Launceston.

On the way back to the car I captured some old Launceston buildings.


Polytechnic College


And that filled in one afternoon!