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Kitchen Renovations

So we have been in our new house for almost two months now and we are loving the extra space.  We have also done some major renos in our kitchen.  I really wanted to like the kitchen that was in the place but we soon discovered the placement of the dishwasher, lack of bench space and cupboards that dropped wood into everything every time you opened them wasn’t going to work.  We also had a limited budget of money left over to play with.  We started to enquire about Bunnings kitchens  but at the same time I was searching gumtree for second hand kitchens.  I spotted a red laminate kitchen that looked as if it would fit in our kitchen.  It wasn’t exactly what I had been searching for, but I thought we could make it work.

We went and measured it up and it was going to fit with a few alterations, we bought it and then had to wait for it to be pulled out.  In the meantime we had to get our kitchen removed, which thankfully my husband did while my mum, the kids and I went away during the holidays, so I didn’t really have to live without a kitchen at all, my husband did a fantastic job of removing and installing it all himself.





Testing paint colour

The electrician hated the original light! He tried to convince me to change it….I stuck to my guns. It will do till it breaks!

We hadn’t installed the pantry at this stage….

Picked up this dining setting from a buy/swap/sell group for $80!!!!


New pendant light and still testing colours….



Next thing to do is boxing up around the ducting for the rangehood, then hopefully paint (once I decide what I would like) and floors, I can’t wait for floors.

My New Camera Bag

After my previous post on the perfect camera bag, I was fortunate enough to receive enough birthday money to buy one.

I chose the epiphanie Lola.  I pre-ordered for delivery in early May.  Unfortunately it never left Texas, I contacted the company who were very quick to send me another one.

Last week it arrived:

epiphanie box


Outer Bag

New bag

Isn’t it lovely?


In the bag

I can fit my camera with lens attatched, another lens, flash, and other bits and pieces, it is perfect for what I needed it for.  All the inner padding is removable so you can change it to fit your equipment.

Very happy with my purchase.  Have you bought something you really wanted lately?