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Caleb & Grace – Launceston Wedding Photography

A couple of weekends ago on 10.11.12  two lovely people were married. If you have followed my earlier posts you may know that I have known Grace her whole life, so it was such a privilege to take her wedding photos.

It was a beautiful sunny day and the umbrellas I bought were not needed at all. I was worried I would not make it to the ceremony at one point as there were hundreds of motor bikes driving down the main road that separated me from the church, and the traffic lights did not change for 10 minutes or more to let them through. Thankfully I did a bit of a drive around and scooted through a Coles carpark to get to the ceremony.

Thankfully I also had Toni from Toni M Photography helping me out on the day so she was already there snapping away.

We headed down near Seaport for the bridal portraits and the reception was held at the University at Newnham. It was a beautiful day. Congratulations to you both.











Location, Location – Wedding Photography Locations in Launceston, Tasmania

Where in Launceston can you go that are openly available for wedding photography?  I have made a list of all the places I can think of, I apologise for some of the very old photos and editing!

Wedding ceremonies may be held in any of Launceston’s public parks, with no fee charged , check the Launceston City Council website for more details.

City Park.  The City Park is huge, this is just a couple of shots from the “monkey” end of the park, there is also the beautiful rotunda, and beautiful plants and trees all around.

City Park Radio

Little Miss

Punchbowl, well known for the murky duck pond, but also has beautiful gardens.


Royal Park,

Kings Park

Tamar River

Princes Square is quite a popular location. Right in the centre of town.





This is just up the road from Princes Square.


First Basin, and Cataract Gorge Cliff Grounds

Gorge In Flood

Gorge In Flood

Gorge In Flood

Inveresk Rail Yards, one of my favourite locations, so many colours on the old buildings.


Roller Door

Green Door


Kings Park and Board Walk, Seaport, and River’s Edge near Still Water

Wayne and Renae Engagement

Under the bridge.

Under the Tree

Kings Bridge


This is the only picture I had of Seaport.

Seaport at Night2


On the Green


A good old building can be a fantastic backdrop.

Tow Away Area

Just a little out of Launceston…

Tamar Island,

Tamar Island

Grey Cloud

Tamar Island

Evandale, there are so many spots in Evandale that are just beautiful for photos, I desperately want to take someone’s photos here.





Best viewed in Autumn

The Last

Hollybank Forest

If you can come up with some other locations please let me know!