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Couples Posing with Han & Leia

Earlier this year some friends of mine got married on May the 4th. Yes that’s right, Star Wars Day! So I decided to make them a personalised wedding card for the day. I took Han and Leia on a photo shoot to the front yard.

I had to go out on two separate occasions as it was a bit windy and the couple keep falling for each other.



Oy! Look this way Han. Sometimes Men need a little more direction…


From above


Holding Hands whilst gazing into each other’s eyes


Side By Side – Looking at camera with or without blank expression


Now look at each other…..awwww


Cheek to cheek

Featuring her

Featuring him

Give her a hug Han!

Her behind him

You guys are so cute!

Now hold hands and face each other

Crazy Day Sale – Launceston, Tasmania

Every year our city has a Crazy Day Sale, a lot of local businesses use it to get rid of summer stock etc, I don’t often go to them as I never have any spending money, or often don’t find anything I like.

This years theme was Star Wars, and when I mentioned to my son, of course he wanted to go. A few years back he dressed up as Darth Maul for a school event, and wanted to revive the outfit.

Saturday morning arrived and we scurried around trying to get to town in time for the costume parade.

...and fight

Some cute little Darth Vaders to fight with

Look at that face

Who wants to be in the parade?

Who wants to be in the parade?

Up he goes, parading his black bed sheet, strategically placed with hair slides and a pin

Parading his costume.

I think Chewwies face was annoying him



Tiny Darth

Bobble head storm trooper

Storm Trooper

My boy was picked in the top ten to be judged for a prize.

Lining up


The look on his face when he saw the judge coming

The look on his face when he saw the judge.

Da da da dadadada

Her comes the Judge

Who will he choose?

Who will he choose

The winner is Yoda…..Chewbacca is devestated.

Not the winner but still  got a prize.

The runners up still get a prize.

The Dark Side

The Dark Side

Days of play – Lego, Kerplunk and Hungry, Hungry Hippos

We have taken it easy this second week of holidays and not rushed around too much, the weather has been warmer, but the wind is still quite cold. Too cold for my kids, I struggle to get them outside even when it is warm!

They have been spending days playing, building, and creating (a mess) and not too much fighting.




My big boy went to a friends place to play so my girl and I got time to play a few games.








I won Kerplunk

On to the next one…


Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hippos

And she won Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hippos