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Photo a day June

Well as you all know June has come to an end, and we are halfway through the year, past the shortest day and counting down the days till it starts getting warmer. Well I am anyway.

Here is my June collection of photos.

June Photo A Day

I also had some instagram stickers made up from Instagoodies, they were very kind to send me a booklet so I could tell you about them. Instagoodies have teamed up with for $14 (not including shipping) you can have a booklet of 90 stickers.


How cute are these!

They look great and come on tear out sheets for easy sharing.  Now, where will I stick them? 🙂

Instagram Posters from Printsgram

Instagram is as much a part of my photography life as my DSLR, if you have an iphone (or  newly released for android phone) you can download the Instagram app from the itunes store.

With all these photos stuck on your phone, it is nice to be able to display some of them, so yesterday as I was trawling the internet I came across this instagram website Printsgram

Here you can create instagram posters


and stickers

and print them at home, or take the image to your local printers.

The website links up to your instagram account and you can select what photos you would like on your poster.  You then save the poster to your computer as a pdf file.  Easy!

Here’s one I prepared earlier