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Tips for Self Portraits, and Family Shots with you in it!

From the Kiwi Girl asked for a few tips on self portraits and family shots so here goes!


Tripod.  A tripod is a must if you want self portraits where you are not holding the camera out in front of your face (and nearly dropping it because it is so heavy).

Black and White Me

Relax! Take lots of photos, and take them when no one else is watching


Focus..It can be hard to set up the shot when you have nothing to focus on…if you are using a prop (like a chair) focusing on that can help, but failing that use a…


Remote shutter, these things are fantastic for head shots, just point, focus and shoot, all from your hand! Cheap too, look on ebay.

Lighting.  Experiment!

In the dark

Think about what you are trying to portray in your photo, and consider your background.



Me and my red door

Use mirrors
Mirror image

the palette

Try something different, take a self portrait without your face in it, but still make it obvious it’s you

Portrait without a face

That’s why I’m astrogirl 😉
Angle.  Shoot from above, it helps with double chins and gives a different perspective.

Or shoot from down low..

Show your true self
Now comes the hard part…trying to take family portraits with you in them.

There is no easy way, just do it over and over till you get something decent. Make it fun, get the family to do silly faces, then smiling, try jumping, that’s always fun and relaxes everyone.

Trying to do a family portrait!!!

Everyone is smiling (sort of)   but there are trees growing out of hubby’s head. Oh Well!

Oh dear trees are growing out of Kev's head

10 Second Timer!


If all else fails, pay someone else to take your family portraits!


5 Photography Tips to help you take better photos

I thought I would post a few tips that have helped me improve my photography.

Yesterday I posted a pic of my daughters lashes, today here are my son’s. Lucky kids!

Get Close


It’s so easy to take the regular full body shots of our children, but try and get closer, eyes are beautiful, open or closed

Don’t cut off my hand


Try not to cut off body parts, her hand would have been better in this photo, also when taking full body shots, don’t cut people’s feet off, a photo is more pleasing when you can see the ground, but (there is always a but) sometimes cutting off body parts can work….


Find the light

Miss P

This photo is taken with a big window behind my daughters head, yet there is still plenty of light on her face without any shadows.

Or try side lighting


Either way, practice taking photos with your flash off, on camera flash does nothing good for your photos!!  I am of course favorable to natural light photography.

White Balance

Now a few techinical tips….White Balance, if you regularly edit photos in a Lightroom or something similar, you will probably change the white balance, a lot. White balance changes a lot, and while the auto white balance on a camera’s setting can be acurate, even in one room it can change depending on if you are moving around, what coloured wall you are near. I set my camera to white balance cloudy, that way the white balance is always the same, even if it is not accurate at the time. When I go to Lightroom (or whatever program you use) you only need to edit the white balance once and then sync it across all your images, it is much easier than editing each individual photo.


Another great tip is to turn on the histogram feature on your camera, usually when playing back your photos you can find it by pressing info. I don’t know a whole lot about histograms but I do know if the graph is too far to the left it will be too dark, if it is too far to the right it will be too bright, you need to have the graph spread through the middle, also turning the histogram on will enable “blinkies” to appear on the photo you have taken, if you have “blinkies” it means your photo is over exposed and you need to adjust your exposure to compensate.  Unless of course you want it that way!!

Dettagli immagine

Image from Poluz