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Instagram for toddlers

Have you ever gone to your iPhone to find 50 strange selfies or random photos your toddler has taken when you weren’t looking?

I have! So I was wondering what to do with them the other day. Delete them all? Some of them were kind of cute. So instead I created an instagram profile from the view point of my toddler.

Don’t worry, my toddler does not upload to instagram himself – he is no where near 13!

Check out @heafygram for a bit of a laugh.

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You can do a photo shoot anywhere

The other week my husband and I found ourselves free of our two older children thought we might like to stop and take photos somewhere, but as we had been out all morning, the thought of taking our littlest out in the cold wind again wasn’t my idea of fun.

We drove around for a bit and found a building to take some photos of.  I stayed in the car while my husband hopped out and took some photos, of course our little guy won’t sit still happily for too long, so I distracted him with my camera.

In the car

All these photos were taken while he sat in his car seat, I didn’t really ask him to do anything, I just snapped away.  The last photo is when he saw Daddy come back to the car.