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August 30 Day Photography Challenge

I have decided to join in on another 30 Day challenge this time hosted by Tina Grey.

I will keep adding the photos to this one post.  If you want to join in it’s not too late!  I am doing the challenge with my new camera this time, I need to get familiar with the layout of buttons so what better way to do it.

Day 30: You


Day 29: Something in your fridge

In My Fridge

Day 28: Something purple

Something Purple

Day 27: Your handwriting

My handwriting

Day 26:Something that means a lot to you. The ring on the left belonged to my great grandmother, I wear it on my wedding ring finger. The ring on the right was my grandmothers, we shared the same initials before I got married.

Something special to me

Day 25: A souvenir from a vacation.


Day 24: Something you shouldn’t have bought, but did anyway.

Red Jacket

Day 23: A book I have been reading, Jeffery Deaver’s The Burning Wire.

A book i am reading

Day 22:Something Sweet, Cupcakes

Pink Cupcake

Day 21:Something from your bathroom, Britney Spears Perfume. The only perfume I own.

Something from my bathroom

Day 20: A doll or toy you own. Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite

Day 19: Something you don’t have much of. Time


Day 18: Something you have borrowed. Have only read a few pages…think it has been on the shelf since before little boy was born.


Day 17: Something you have too many of. Toys, this is just some of the toys we have. Little boy doesn’t need any! Clothes would be great this birthday!

Too Many

Day 16: Something that makes you sad. Putting away the too small clothes. Sniff


Day 15: A device that you own but never use/touch

A device you own but don't use

Day 14: Somewhere you went today. So I cheated, I didn’t take my camera when I went out on Sunday. This is from Friday

At the park

Day 13: Nature

Spring is in the air

Day 12: A sneak picture you took in class/at work/out and about. This is in Dollop lolly shop. Mmmmm


Day 11: Your Pet. So we don’t have any pets, and the last time I felt bad about not having a pet on bring a pet to school day, I brought home a kitten, rotten cat who scratched up the couch. ANYWAYS.
Here is my little puppy, I have to clean up after him, brush his hair and occasionally pat him.

My Puppy

Day 10: A product you use in your hair. I don’t put anything in my hair very often but this is a product I use ON my hair.

My creation
Day 9:  Shoes


Day 8: What I ate for lunch today

What I ate for lunch today
Day 7:  A photo of your phone
My Phone
Day 6: Someone who inspires you. This is my friend George. He is really talented with his video skills. Check out his vimeo, we got together today for some playing and tips as he shoots his videos with the same camera as mine.


Day 5: A cup you drank from today. So I deliberately made a drink in this cup, because I love this cup. In true Gilmore Girls style it is HUGE! I should really have coffee in it but alas, I felt like tea.

A cup you used today

Day 4: Stress. This basket, the pile behind it, the airers in the loungeroom and the basket full in the laundry really agitate me.

Day 3: Something I collect, Astro Boy things! Although I haven’t bought anything new for years.

Day 2: Something that makes you smile. My daughters creations!


Day 1:  Anything, whatever you want….so of course it’s my baby  boy

Little Boy

I like your old stuff better than your new stuff

We went to visit my Mum on the weekend.  I love when she pulls out the old toys that were mine and my brothers for my children to play with!

I think? this may be a Little People toy plane, as you can see a lot smaller than today’s equivalent.

Playing with some very old toys

Little People (What they used to look like)

We used to have the bus too but not sure if that one survived. Also in the photo is my brothers mobile that plays it’s a small world. That still works too.

I didn’t take a photo of it but my mum also has an Optimus Prime from the 80’s. It is amazing to me these toys have lasted so long. Recently my son bought a Hasbro Transformer and was so disappointed in it when the weapon didn’t work properly. Cheap plastic, even the Transformers of the 80’s were die cast. We need more toys like that.

My daughter got $20 birthday money and we went to K-Mart to pick out a toy, so much rubbish I had trouble convincing her to get something decent. She chose well and came home with Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Hopefully it lasts a long time, we played a round tonight, and it was great fun.

What were your favourite toys as a child?