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The Twins First Birthday

You may remember the twins from posts here

and here

Well now they are 1!!!

We were invited along to enjoy their special day.
Twins First Birthday

Twins First Birthday

The twins Mum is a very clever lady, she prepared all these yummy sweets and cakes and most importantly their birthday cakes.


Twins First Birthday

Little Houses

Little Houses

How cute is this cake!!

And a pretty butterfly

Happy First Birthday Twins!

Twins First Birthday

Newborn Baby Photographer, Launceston – Back to visit the twins

I tried a few more of these arm shots, although the babies were wide awake and looking about!
Eventually Miss S fell asleep and
I got a few more of her this time.
I still ran short of time, as it’s hard to schedule in with babies feeds and then school pick up for my kids, but I think the parents will really like the photos and I am glad I got some experience.

Newborn Photographer, Launceston – Baby H

Baby H, originally uploaded by astrogirl529.

This was my first try at newborn photography! It was with twins, this is the boy of the two. He ended up being the most co-operative one!! Oh well gives me a reason to go back and take some more of the little girl!

I have been scouring flickr looking for inspiration and ideas, I honestly have no idea how some photographers pose little ones without them getting grumpy. I guess it all comes with practice. Soon enough I will have my own to practice on.